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Located in Historic Downtown Chelsea, MI |  734-475-0862

Quaint and Elegant

The Perfect Historic Location for Parties, Weddings, Memorials, Receptions, Showers and More

Old Chelsea Depot

A Place Rich in History

Chelsea Depot offers a great historic property for hosting your next party, shower or event. We are very accommodating to your specific needs and we can help you create a cozy and intimate setting for any event you have in mind!
Rental Policies
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Rental Information

By browsing our website, you can learn more about our rental policies, available rental options, our Evening Primrose Garden Club, and even see some photos of our scenic location and learn more about our location's history!
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Why Choose Us?

Chelsea Depot offers you the atmosphere and the flexibility to create your dream setting, however you want it to be. We also provide depot tour options, FREE on-site parking and a number of great amenities!
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