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memorable, unique,
beautiful venue;
personal attention."

Please CLICK HERE to view the historic Chelsea Depot's

Response & Guidelines to Rentals during Covid 19, 

and to see how the Depot was used during this pandemic!


white birch wood, acrylic


Height: 4.5 In.; Width: 4 In.; Depth: 0.375 In.

This layered ornament is a throw back to times past. Custom designed to feature the historic Chelsea Depot in Chelsea, MI, this 3 layer ornament is shaped like a snow globe. The top layer is a steam train engraved on beautiful white birch. The middle layer is a clear acrylic with the train's steam engraved. The back layer features the beautiful Chelsea Depot, again engraved on stunning white birch wood. 

All Aboard! 

New! Ornament

The depot was featured in a "Neighborhood Spotlight" for a Detroit Chevy dealership ad recently. Click here, take a look! 
 <------ And Matt Cwynar of Pinckney
 showed up in a Model T one day
Slideshow: Thanks to local photographers Todd Gillihan, Gregg Hartsuff, Marsi Darwin, Dennis Mclynn, and Captured by Kelsey 

Offered for sale by a friend of a board member, a portion of the proceeds benefits the historic Chelsea Depot. 

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