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Quaint & Elegant, The Perfect Historic Location for Parties, Weddings, Memorials, Receptions, Showers and More

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Contact Marsi Darwin


  (for fastest response) 

Messages left on the depot phone may not be retrieved for some time. 

We are switching carriers and may have a new number soon. Bear with us!




"charming, historic,
memorable, unique,
beautiful venue;
personal attention."

 Please CLICK HERE to view the historic Chelsea Depot's Response & Guidelines to Rentals during Covid and to see how the Depot was used during the pandemic.

In addition to free WiFi service (password on kitchen door)
New A/V Services at the Depot:


* Large pull-down screen on east end for projector or computer projection

* Big screen TV on cart for use with SD card or thumb drive - ask when renting, extra charge for using

We now offer PayPal as a payment option.


If you decide to use this feature, you will need to add about 3% to cover their charges.

We wish we could absorb the expense but as a non-profit we can not at this time.


There is an account called Chelsea Depot and it's not us. 

We are Chelsea Depot Association.

Please consult rental agent Marsi Darwin for our account address. 

Thank you. 


Sad news: Longtime Depot Board president Larry Bean passed away May 17, 2024

He kindly designated The Chelsea Depot Assn. for memorial contributions. 

If you wish to make a donation, checks may be mailed to Box 93, Chelsea, MI 48118, or made to with In Memory of Larry Bean in the memo, and we thank you. We'll think of you every time a train goes by, friend. 

Painting the flagpole

Board president and Paint Doctor Todd Gillihan painted the dilapidated flagpole at the depot last fall,

replaced the flag, and we are now able to change it on or own - without calling the local fire department!


We are indebted this summer to our neighbor, Gregg Hartsuff, 

for keeping our grass cut and looking neat around the depot. 

And as always, to our Evening Primrose Garden Club friends for the beautiful plantings!

Slideshow: Thanks to local photographers Todd Gillihan, Gregg Hartsuff, Marsi Darwin, Dennis Mclynn, and Captured by Kelsey 
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